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Stephanie Woollard is an award winning Australian socialentrepreneur known for founding enterprises with social impact. Steph created aid organisation Seven Women,her tour company, Hands on Development and the Kathmandu Cooking School, which, together have impacted the lives of over 5000 marginalised women. Stephanie believes business is a strong force for good and inspires people to adopt responsible business practices as the demand for ethical production booms. In 2016, Steph was awarded the “Rotary International Responsible Business” Award at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, for her work. Steph began Seven Women at 22 after visiting Nepal and meeting seven disabled women making soaps and candles in a tiny tin shed. Being disabled, the women were ostracised by their community and lived in dire Steph, driven by the injustice of what she had seen, and with her last $200, paid for trainers to up-skill these women and empowering them to sell products abroad. 10 years later, her organisation; Seven Women, has trained and employed over 5,000 disadvantaged women in remote Nepal.

Her tour company; Hands On Development shares life enriching learning and experiences, and has taken hundreds of people from around the world to Nepal, where people have the opportunity to learn, connect and contribute to; real and lasting change. Steph’s vision underpinning all her work, is to create a more tolerant and compassionate world knowing that this is possible in our lifetime. Steph gives tangible and practical steps around how everyone can make a difference, no matter what profession or background one comes from.

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