Book: From a Tin Shed to the United Nations
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Book: From a Tin Shed to the United Nations
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100% of book sales go to empowering marginalised women in Nepal.

Part memoir, part manifesto, FROM A TIN SHED TO THE UNITED NATIONS tells the story of Melbourne-born Stephanie Woollard and how she founded the Nepal-based social enterprise Seven Women at the age of 22. Importantly, the book is a call to action for young people and seeks to show them how to put powerful ideas into action.

Steph's passion for social justice began at an early age, but after her encounter with seven disabled woman living in a tin shed and on the margins of Nepalese society, Steph’s immediate response was to find a way to help the women she met to live a more sustainable, dignified and self-sufficient life. A fledgling social enterprise was born!

12 years later Seven Women has educated, up skilled and employed over 5000 marginalised women in Nepal. The ripple effect awe inspiring, and through the hard work of many, the lives of thousands of Nepalese women and their families have been improved. Today Seven Women continues to grow and thrive.  



About the Author

Stephanie Woollard is an International Award winning Australian social entrepreneur who founded an organisation called Seven Women. Steph cares deeply about those who live on the fringes and believes we can all play a part in creating a more inclusive and just world. Her actions inspire us all to take action when we see injustice and to make the world around us a better place for us all.

Steph inspires audiences all over the world through her keynote presentations sharing key insights and ideas for change.

Among several International Awards, she is a proud recipient of the Rotary International Responsible Business Award presented at the United Nations in New York in 2016, Amongst Most Influential Women of the Decade Award at the Women’s Economic Forum in India and has recently been presented with an Award from the Governor of Bahrain for Sustainable Business. 

Steph is a seasoned international keynote speaker having delivered many addresses, business presentations, plus inspirational talks.