Our Seven Women Ambassadors are the face of Seven Women in their local communities and help raise awareness for our cause.


Hosting a screening of our documentary Bringing the Light: The Story of Seven Women

Seven Women has a documentary focused on the power of education, and has filmed over a period of four years. This film follows a group of Nepalese women whose lives have been empowered through education, skills training and income generation. It is a story of courage, resilience and strength as these women seek to create a better life for themselves, their families and other women in Nepal.

This film shows that real and lasting change is possible, when humans unite to stand up to injustice. It examines civic courage, as each person interviewed in the film challenges what society dictates what they are capable of doing.

It’s a great way to bring a community together on issues that matter and be reminded of the power of education in human development.



Visit Nepal as a co-leader of your own tour with our Seven Women staff and share the unique experience with friends, family and colleagues.

Our tours enrich the lives of both travellers and locals. The impact that our carefully designed tours have include training for marginalised women as tour guides, training in hospitality through supporting our cooking classes, and encouraging growth through buying fair trade products made by our women. We would love to invite you to co-lead this experience at no cost to you, with your flights and accommodation covered by Seven Women.

To register your interest, email us at info@seven-women.com with the subject heading “Seven Women Ambassador” and we will send you an info pack to aid you in hosting a screening and/or arrange your own tour.

For more information about the Seven Women story and how you can get involved, continue visiting this website!