Empowering marginalised
women in Nepal through
education and employment

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Stephanie Woollard began Seven Women at age 22 after meeting seven disabled women working in a tin shed in Kathmandu. These seven women were struggling to make a living in the face of harsh discrimination. With her last $200, Steph paid for trainers to teach the women how to produce products for sale locally and abroad – and Seven Women was born.


Over the past 12 years Seven Women has made significant impact;


Visitors to our centre

Over 3000 people have learned about social enterprise and how to create real and lasting change through a visit to our Seven Women Headquarters. 


empowered & employed

Over 5,000 women in Nepal have been educated, trained and employed by Seven Women, providing the tools to lift themselves out of poverty.


PEOPLE Impacted

Speaking opportunities allow Seven Women's Founder, Steph, to spread the word that everyone of us can make a difference .


empower women in Nepal by taking part with us.

In 2012, we started a Responsible Travel Company supporting the economic empowerment of marginalised women.

Experience Nepal with tours organised by locals

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This tour was profoundly, authentically, real.
— Suzanne Dowd, Melbourne


Trade not aid

Learn about Nepali culture from locals.

We host Nepali language lessons, cooking classes and craft workshops.

This was a fantastic experience. We cooked 5 different Nepali dishes. Best food ever!!! The best thing though, is that we know the money we paid will help women in need and disabled women.
— Margot Marie, Switzerland


Seven Women's Founder, Steph Woollard, continues to spread the message that everybody can make a difference through her keynotes.

You can book Steph to talk at your next function

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What we do

Enable Nepali Women

We empower and employ socially marginalised women in Nepal.


Build Social Enterprises

We train locals and help them build sustainable social enterprises.


Travel to Nepal

We offer socially responsible tours run by locals trained at the Seven Women centre.

Awards & Recognition


Sponsors & Partners