An exciting new chapter for Seven Women

The last few months since Steph's trip back from Nepal have been super busy. Getting excited about new opportunities, ways to improve operations of Seven Women in Nepal and Australia, as well as trying new avenues to expand the awareness and involvement of the organisation around Australia. In particular, last week Seven Women was involved in a couple of key events in Melbourne based around International Women's Day (March 8). What a fantastic way to celebrate and support an inspiring group of Nepali women than to share about their work to amazing Australian women who have the intricate networks and powerful voice to help make an impact!

Firstly, we saw a group of women come together for a meal and to talk about the important and world-changing work that they are involved in. This dinner was hosted by Seven Women's Steph, in partnership with  Kumari from Mayibuye, an Australian non-profit organisation using dance to keep youth in Australia and South Africa off the streets and out of harm. These two young women are such a great example to others - dedicating much of their time and energy to help impact and change disadvantaged lives for the better! It was a special evening with lots of encouraging story sharing, having wonderful networking opportunities in linking up women from very different backgrounds; from circus acts to lecturers; from program writers to dancers.

The group was able to here about the work of Seven Women and even receive some beautiful handmade products from Nepal. Steph shared the (short version) of the story of Seven Women and was able to cast a vision of how it was all made possible through countless people being involved and contributing in different ways. It was a testament to the power of networking, especially when it involves 20 women let loose one evening - with nothing to inhibit the chatter! This event is bound to be the first of many in which women (and men) join together to talk and work out how one can do much, through little and big!

Within 12 hours, the next Seven Women event was ready to begin! This time, still focused on International Women's Day, a group of women spent the day on a fair-trade shopping tour! In partnership with Sankofa and Koguis, both fair-trade businesses based in Melbourne, hosting beautiful fair-trade products from mainly Africa and Columbia respectively, Seven Women hosted a group of more than 20 women, spending a sunny day busing around Fitzroy. Some women knew little about fair-trade, others knew lots, but everyone was able to hear about the communities and lives that were being impacted by the presence of fair-trade and sustainable work practices.

The day was very successful with items being bought at each shop; from shoes, to toys, to bags, to kitchen-wares. It was a great chance to do some (very) early Christmas shopping, or perhaps just some presents for loved ones! To wrap up the tour, lunch was served at the wonderfulCharcoal Lane restaurant, a Mission Australia social enterprise initiative, providing employment and hospitality training for local indigenous and disadvantaged young people. It was a fantastic meal, the perfect setting for reflecting on the day that had been. Interestingly, every part of the day felt such a privilege to be able to support such wonderful work - businesses and initiatives that are all about helping others help themselves. It truly was a great event, one that Seven Women is proud to be a part of. [The fair-trade shopping tours run several times throughout the year. If you are interested in finding out more, or for future dates, email or call Kym on 03 9416 4584.]

In addition to these wonderful events, Seven Women is continuing to be actively involved through frequent product sales in shops around Melbourne, at La Trobe University, and through direct visits to Steph.

If you would like to know more about Seven Women, please contact us. We would love to hear from you :)