Seven Women - coming to a screen near you!

Did you know Seven Women are making their very own documentary? This exciting new venture is really taking off, with Don Palmer and Scott (from Sydney) in Melbourne this week to film the 'Australian part' of the documentary. 

The whole documentary looks at the story of Seven Women, the work in Nepal, and the journey Steph and the women at the centre in the Nepal have traversed. Back in December, Steph was over in Nepal with the amazingly talented camera and film team to capture life and work in Nepal - interviewing several women, members of the community and really saw the flavors of Nepalese culture to capture through a lens. This footage will be pieced together to create a wonderful and unique glimpse into the world of women in disabilities; facing disadvantage and obstacles that they work so hard to overcome through resilience, partnership and persistence! It will really be a film worth seeing.

Especially if you aren't particularly familiar with the evolution of the organisation and the skills training centre over in Nepal, this a documentary definitely worth keeping your eye out for! I'm so excited to see it!Steph's parents were interviewed, as well as other members of her family, some of whom have been over the Nepal to visit the women. There will also be some interviews from wonderful Seven Women volunteers from La Trobe Uni - Nick and France and others.