Exciting new products all the way from Nepal!


We received brand new Seven Women Cargo all the way from Kathmandu, Nepal!

Amongst the 4 metre cubed packages that arrived, there were much expected replenishment of popular products stock, as well as exciting new products, yet to be trialed and sampled in the Australian markets. We are hopeful and sure that they will be very well received!

As seen in the video, there are rice paper satchels, shoulder bags and pouches. These fantastic products are made from recycled and treated rice paper sacks - they are very sturdy and strong, and have beautiful colours on them from the design of the sacks.

These colourful recycled rice sacks are salvaged from landfill, and after being scrubbed and washed, are hand-cut and sewn into these beautiful and unique pieces! The range includes pencil cases, coin purses, shoulder satchels and backpacks. The shoulder satchels are particularly practical, with a shoulder strap, belt loop, and about 10 different pockets and zips to fit everything in, and are only about 15cm wide and 20cm long. For $26, these are a great trendy option for a practical little bag, sturdy enough to take out anywhere!

These products are made by a women's co-operative in Kathmandu, which functions like EPSA, as an income generation project. The women source the materials locally produce these goods in their village and sell them through 2 shops in Kathmandu. So we are very proud to be able to support their project too, helping support them and give them a livelihood.


The coin purses retail for $7-$10 depending on the size (the larger ones also have 2 zip compartments). These have been especially popular for uni students and school kids (and teachers!).