Seven Women Sydney starring in the all new HOPE Collective!

Last Tuesday morning, heading outside and walking down the street in the chilly and icy air, earlier than I normally would choose, I headed into the city of Sydney. Was I crazy? No, I was excited – it was for the grand opening of HOPE Collective, situated in Sydney’s Wesley Centre, on Pitt St in the heart of the CBD. (HOPE stands for Helping Others and Planet Earth - ethical and environmentally conscious products). HOPE Collective has been set up earlier this year as a coming together of fairly traded and ethical gifts and goods from a wide variety of organisations and businesses. It provides a wonderfully unique opportunity for Sydneysiders – business people and shoppers alike, to explore what ethical goods are available. It means people have the access and understanding of what impact certain goods have – a great place for shopping for yourself, for gifts for friends and family, and buying your supplies of tea, coffee and chocolate!

I have been in touch with Melinda, the lovely owner and creator of HOPE Collective, for several months, and I love the vision and heart she has to see ethical products being brought into the general market for people to have the option of buying. It is an incredible opportunity she has been given – situated in such a vital location, partnering with Wesley Mission, located right next to their cafe/restaurant, “The Wesley Brasserie” and it is a fantastic location to pop in with a friend, have a browse at all the products, buy lots of exciting and fairly-traded presents, then sit down and have a cuppa!

One of the best things about the launch, apart from being treated to some wonderful musical talent, and Fairtrade coffee and tea, was that Seven Women products are now featured of the shelves of the HOPE Collective store! It’s truly exciting that there will be many people walking through the doors of the store, seeing our beautiful handcrafted Nepalese products. It is a place they can peruse, ask questions about fair trade and the stories behind the products.

We are also extremely excited about the opportunities that may come out of this first retail opportunity in Sydney – many doors are being opened and many people are expressing their keenness and support of the project which produces the wonderful products. If you are in Sydney, please make sure you go along and visit. If you aren’t in Sydney, make sure you tell your friends who are in Sydney to pop in!!

To see our products, please visit our website. For more information on HOPE Collective, please visit the HOPE Collective site.