Sarina Clark - 2012 Nepal Study Tour

Participants for the 2012 Seven Women Nepal Study Tour have now been selected. We’reSarina Clark introducing each person to give you an insight on what they love about life, their purpose for coming on the trip, and what they currently work/study here in Australia. What are 3 things you love about life?

1. Dancing 2. Travelling 3. Sewing. I make most of my own clothes and I also teach sewing lessons.

What is your purpose for coming on the Seven Women Study Tour?

I've never been overseas without my family before and I am so honoured to be chosen to go on this trip. I'd like to contribute on a large scale to this planet someday and I believe visiting Nepal will help me in finding out what it is I can do.

What do you do for work/study?

I will be studying next semester in Events Management and I also teach sewing lessons and design clothing for people.

Seven Women will keep you informed of Sarina's fundraising efforts and the blog that she will set up to write about her experiences whilst on the trip.You can follow the Seven Women blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.