Ruby Green - Nepal 2012 Study Tour

Participants for the 2012 Seven Women Nepal Study Tour are getting excited to head off to Nepal in December. We're introducing each person to give you an insight on what they love about life, their purpose for coming on the trip, and what they currently work/study here in Australia. Now we are introducing Ruby Green:

What are 3 things you love about life?

1) Art

2) Music

3) People

What is your purpose for coming on the Seven Women Study Tour?

To gain insight and understanding into how a community organisation can work to empower people in many diverse ways. To meet like-minded people and develop ideas as to how we can contribute our skills and energy into creating support networks within communities in order to bridge gaps and liberate persons less fortunate than us.

What do you do for work/study?

I study Chinese Medicine in Melbourne, i am a working artist and musician.

Welcome on board to all our Study Tour participants! Only 2 and a half months until we go! Make sure you keep in touch with all the updates about Seven Women Nepal Study Tour via blog, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.