The why and how of felt...

Often when I have been at markets selling Seven Women products, I love to introduce the women and the project in Nepal, and begin to explain the products and what and how they make the products. One common question and topic of conversation tends to be, "Why felt?" or "How do they make the felt?" How come a large proportion of our products are made from felt?

Well, there are a few reasons for this - firstly, all our felt is made from 100% Nepalese wool, a locally sourced material that is easily found and relatively easy to work with. Secondly, it is quite manageable to be able to teach the skills of felt making to anyone, including many of our women and men at the centre, many of whom a physical impairment that restricts their abilities. Thirdly, felt is great! It is strong, can be coloured beautifully, makes great products and is a little bit different! All great reasons to love and buy our huge range of hand made felt products!


So how is felt made? There are a number of important steps which make up the training the people at our skills training centre receive. It is tedious work, but still lots of fun, and everyone who has come through the centre has been able to begin working with felt. Here now for you is a quick look at the different stages it takes to make our infamous felt ball mats - the absolutely beautiful pieces of art work that take so much hard work goes into.

Stage 1:

Died wool in its raw form -
Stage 2-
Making mats and balls with soap and water -
Stage 3:
Making mats and when finished, ready for cutting and stitching -
Enjoy! Probably don't try this at home, you might find that it's harder and messier than it looks... How about buying one online instead! Go to or contact us at: