Study Tour 2012: Turbulence the best part!

After 19 years with only two trips outside Victoria the 2012 Seven Women Study Tour gave me my first flight experience! Acting calm on the way to and in the airport the thought of flying came as extreme excitement... until I saw the plane. I handed in my boarding pass, walked through the tunnel and sat in my seat on the biggest or passenger aircrafts in the world, the A380!

As the safety briefing came on the screen the heart rate was lifting as we saw what to do if you have to jump out of the plane... Although I was still excited the nerves had defiantly kicked in and taken over which was a problem for the other participants who got a laugh out of it.

The take off was clean and smooth proving to be a huge anti-climax and from then on it was about sitting back and enjoying the ride. A rollercoaster was the perfect way to describe the journey, with the turbulence mid-way through the flight being bar far the best part!

As we leave from Singapore for the final leg of the journey to Nepal one can only hope for a safe flight with so much more turbulence!