From little things, big things grow!

Donations to set up the Seven Women centre Donations of sheets and pillow cases that will help set up the new women that come to the centre

  • Seven Women has been collecting sheets, towels and bedding for our new transition centre for women in desperate circumstances in Nepal. The supplies will help set up the bedrooms at the centre for the women. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of people and their donations. Many people from across VIC and NSW have taken the time to collect bedding and towels for the women we work with in Nepal. Some of the donations have been brand new items from textile and linen businesses.
  • Seven Women would like to thank Triumph International Australia for donating 105 pairs of women's underwear to the women we work with in Nepal who come to our centre to get back on their feet after finding themselves in desperate situations. Women often come to our women's skills training centre with nothing but the clothes they are wearing. These woman's briefs will be fantastic items to put in our 'Welcome Packs' with general toiletry items etc. Thank you "Triumph" on behalf of the Seven Women team Australia and Nepal.
  • Thanks to Cranes pharmacy in Sydney for donating toiletry bags for the Welcome Packs. They have arrived safely in Melbourne and will be heading over to Nepal in June on our next Tour.

Thanks Cranes pharmacy for initiating toiletry bags for the women who are taken in by Seven women Nepal. They have arrived safely to Melbourne from Sydney and will be heading over to Nepal in June on our next Tour.Welcome Packs include the following items in a toiletry bag containing toothbrush, toothpaste, small bottle of shampoo, a facecloth, a bar of soap, 4x sanitary pads and a pair of new undies (any size from 8-16) .

The 'Welcome Pack' is made up of the following items into a toiletry bag: toothbrush, toothpaste, small bottle of shampoo, a facecloth, a bar of soap, 4x sanitary pads and a pair of new undies (assorted sizes from 8-16) . We were able to make up these packs for just $10 from goods from The Reject Shop.
Seven Women in action: 

Selling the products direct from Nepal to Melbourne consumers

One of the best things about running your own organisation is being able to choose who you work with and collaborating with fine human beings.Seven Women is wholesaling to a fantastic cafe called 2Pocket Fairtrade in the city. Meet Gregg the founder.

The women partaking in an education class

Seven Women centre - education

Salina's new eye!

Yesterday Seven Women paid for an operation that will help Salina's life change for the better. She was given a new eye. The surgeon said the nerve's in Salina's eye were too damaged to repair, but that they gave her a glass eye that looks i...dentical. This 'new' eye is great news for Salina as it means she will no longer have to contend with her weeping eye and being stared at down the street by people looking at her old wondering eye. Three cheers for Salina!

Our Seven Women team (Australia and Nepal), has now been able to train and find employment for over 500 marginalised and impoverished women in Nepal. What a fantastic feeling! Thanks for your help in achieving this... it has been a huge team effort.

These are some recent disability statistics that have been released which highlights the plight of being born with or acquiring a disability:

* 1/10 people in the world have a disability * 88% of disabilities are invisible * 80% of people who live with a disability live in developing worlds * 9/10 are not given a chance for an education