Celebrating fair trade

One of our original seven women, Sandhya showing off her craft

One of our original seven women, Sandhya showing off her craft


From the 3–16 August, Fairtrade Fortnight will be celebrated across Australia and New Zealand. Here at Seven Women we are excited to share the wealth of goodness that comes from buying fair trade products and supporting the fair trade industry.

What is fair trade?

The fair trade industry tackles issues across the globe including environmental conservation, child labour, gender equality and the exploitation of workers. A fantastic example is the Association for Craft Producers (ACP) based in Nepal who, with their fair trade certification, provides design, management and marketing services to low-income craft producers in Nepal.

This organisation helps expand the craft producers' work whilst also ensuring that they receive fair wages and benefits. By becoming aware of which businesses and products are fair trade certified, everyone can become a more conscious and responsible consumer. 

Our impact

At Seven Women we champion ethical and responsible trade and are proud to be the recipient of the 2014 Moral Fairground Ethical Enterprise Award and the 2016 Rotary International Responsible Business Award presented by the United Nations.

We support fair trade in multiple ways. On our projects, we always make sure to source our materials and goods from local Nepali markets and small businesses. 

The women employed in our manufacturing and crafts unit are paid and treated fairly. One hundred per cent of our profits are spent on paying wages and providing the women and their communities with assistance and training. The women that we employ are heavily involved in the business's decision-making process.

By ensuring that disadvantaged women have access to employment, training and good working conditions, we are lifting entire communities out of poverty.