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There are a range of topics which Steph can speak about. She is available for any event and is extremely inspiring. 

Her topics range from How to create sustainable social enterprise to tourism and community development. 


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Stephanie’s story transports us from our first world problems. Through Steph we see lives transformed; women formerly neglected and marginalised grow to become confident leaders contributing to their society. Steph’s powerful and polished presentation shines a spotlight on the benefits to people and society of empowering individuals. Everyone will be moved by the tears to triumph stories of the original ‘Seven Women’ and the countless thousands that have followed. Steph’s is a reflected glory of a modest and incredibly capable person who refused to walk past injustice. The joy of people she has helped is the highest endorsement. Steph’s story makes us believe in a better future.
— Deputy State Director Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade