Lara Cameron - 2012 Nepal Study Tour

Participants for the 2012 Seven Women Nepal Study Tour have now been selected. We're introducing each person to give you an insight on what they love about life, their purpose for coming on the trip, and what they currently work/study here in Australia. What are 3 things you love about life?

1) I love and feel so fortunate to live in Melbourne, surrounded by so many great people and such vibrant, creative, supportive communities. I love it when people get together and create great things.

2) I love that I get to ride my bicycle to work - it's good for both me and the environment. Win!

3) I love (and feel so fortunate) that I get to do a job that I love, every day.

What is your purpose for coming on the Seven Women Study Tour?

I've never been to a third world country before so I think this trip is going to be hugely eye opening and change my perspective on life and the world in general. I'm extremely interested in ethical and sustainable practices so I really look forward to learning more about fair trade enterprises and how they work. I also love to design and create, so I look forward to seeing what the women at Seven Women are making and possibly help out with new product development.

What do you do for work/study? I own a small textile screen printing studio called Ink & Spindle. We design and hand screen print textiles by the metre in an ethical and sustainable manner. These textiles get made into all sorts of things - cushions, lamps, curtains, upholstery, bags etc etc.

We absolutely love doing what we do, and feel so fortunate that we get to make a living (sort of) being creative and hands on and ethical. Yay!

Photo (right) courtesy of Ink & Spindle

Seven Women will keep you informed of Lara's fundraising efforts and the blog that she will set up to write about her experiences whilst on the trip.

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