Leigh Ware - 2012 Nepal Study Tour

Participants for the 2012 Seven Women Nepal Study Tour have now been selected. We're introducing each person to give you an insight on what they love about life, their purpose for coming on the trip, and what they currently work/study here in Australia. What are 3 things you love about life

1) I think like most people I love just having fun with friends and family.

2) I think I’m one of the very lucky ones who actually have a job that they love.

3) I really love travelling even though I haven’t done much of it.... I guess I love the prospect of travelling

What is your purpose for coming on the Seven Women Study Tour?

I would really like to gain some insight and some exposure to a third world country and to meet the incredible people behind all of the incredible Seven Women products. But most of all I would like a real experience - one that motivates and inspires me.

What do you do for work/study?

I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Social Work at Victoria University.

I am also the Social Inclusions Coordinator for YMCA Victoria, where I create, organise and run camping and recreational programs for people and families whose lives have been changed by disability.