Can fair traders work together?

Last weekend Seven Women was part of a joint stall at one of Sydney's largest expos - The Sustain Expo. A huge variety of sustainable and organic products, businesses and innovations filled the Royal Hall of Industries. From organic berries and muesli, to reusable drink bottles and baby clothes, a whole weekend open to wholesalers and the public to explore what sustainable living might look like.

Well, 12 fair trade businesses from around NSW joined forces and had their own Fair Trade NSW stall at Sustain expo, being able to display and demonstrate what fair trade looks like. We were working together for the sake of the people whom our products support. Each of the businesses exists to help people and send a message to consumers about the importance of buying products that make a positive difference in people's lives.

I was there for one of the days, and I tell you it was such a privilege to be there and to be a part of that fantastic group of people representing fantastic business and NGOs. We were able to truly and honestly promote each other's goods and be able to collect a whole list of contacts of people who were interested in particular products for wholesale, purchase or just curious about what fair trade is all about. Ours being one of the more colourful and busier stalls at Sustain, we certainly attracted a lot of attention.

Seven Women hopes to be able to continue partnering with like-minded groups in the promotion and collaboration of fairly traded goods - spreading the news and reach of fair trade further throughout Australian society. It is a truth widely acknowledged that we here down under are quite a way behind many other countries in terms of fair trade awareness and presence; but being a part of Sustain Expo, sure was a great step forward.

Click for more information on the Sustain Expo, or some of our fair trade partners; Afribeads, Fairtrade Downunder, Celeste, Import Ants and more...

~ Marissa, Seven Women Sydney