Do you know how to make a briquette?

In fact, first questions first - do you even know what a briquette is? Seven Women and the women (and men) at our skills training centre in Nepal, are learning how to make briquettes - a form of cooking fuel made out of waste paper to save on the cost of cooking oil. This is also an exciting initiative which we will be able to sell to people in the local market for extra income.


And a little taste of the real life action!


This new project in training in sustainable methods of energy was generously funded by the Kathryn Rae Trustee ATHENA EDUCATIONAL TRUST in the United Kingdom. We sincerely and fondly thank the Trust for their support and generosity.

The donation will be to cover the costs of the following:

  • Biochar training for five participants
  • Biochar cooking stove
  • Briquette training for five participants
  • Briquette press (hydraulic)
  • Pulping tool
  • Briquette dryer
  • Briquette making fiber device
  • Briquette making bottle device
  • Briquette stoves (bigger size)
  • Briquette square stove
  • Briquettes
Seven Women Founder and CEO Steph Woollard has been working hard to secure some external funding to help the capacity and impact of the EPSA Centre in Kathmandu to expand. This briquette training is the first time Seven Women has received funding from a Trust. We will be reporting back to the Trust about the training, the impact of the new technology, and the progress of the centre over the next 6 months. We will keep you in touch too!