What does the Next Generation look like?

All you would have to do is look to the youth of today - for example, the Next Generation Youth Forum held at La Trobe University last month, for a glimpse of what young people are on about. And I tell you, it's great news!

Gathered together, were hundreds of young student leaders from high schools around Victoria keen to hear what it means to be a young person that cares and makes a positive impact on the world in which they live.

Our CEO and Founder Steph Woollard was able to captivate her audience as she spoke about empowerment and how Steph's experience with Seven Women has helped to change many lives.

After hearing from keynote speakers Michael Malthouse and Stephanie Lorenzo on leadership and social justice respectively, students were able to partake in workshops and learn what those issues look like in practice.

As part of the Seven Women workshop, Steph highlighted the invaluable principles of inclusive and sustainable community development. Her passion is share her vision with anyone who will listen - empowering them to step out in initiative and make a difference to help those in need around the world. Our project in Nepal is a perfect example of this. Steph has persisted and worked hard for many years in order to equip and train women in Nepal with disabilities overcome their hardships and start a new life of dignity, ownership and independence.

The fact that this message has gone out to many young Australians is extremely powerful and exciting. Imagine if each student present was inspired to make a real difference in their life - we might have a really hopeful future to look towards!

If you would like to find out more about Seven Women and our project in Nepal, please visit: www.seven-women.com

Find out more about the Next Gen Youth Forum at: http://latrobe.edu.au/next-gen