Achieving sustainable, inclusive and innovative development

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The challenge that we all face

The ninth Sustainable Development goal aims to foster development that is innovative, inclusive and sustainable. This is an acute challenge moving forward as the international community seeks to balance the imperative of poverty reduction with the need to fight climate change and reduce inequality. .

Sustainable and inclusive development is a particular challenge for Nepal. Renewables make up just 1% of the country’s energy mix, despite Nepal’s vast potential to be a renewable energy powerhouse. Growth industries like tourism and manufacturing are often poorly regulated, meaning that pollution is an inevitable by-product. Economic development has not been inclusive, and women - particularly those who are disabled - often miss out on available opportunities

Doing our bit

Seven Women is deeply committed to sustainable, innovative and inclusive development. Our innovative social enterprise model has provided a pathway for disadvantaged women to achieve self-sufficiency and empowerment. Our enterprises have leveraged the unique skills of the women and Nepal’s status as a significant tourist destination to create durable income streams for beneficiaries. Women are employed as crafters, tour guides, as well as cooking and Nepali language teachers. Soon, the women will be running our very own Guest House.

We have taken several steps to minimise our impact on the environment and make our business sustainable. At the Seven Women headquarters we have installed an energy-efficient cooker and solar panels. To reduce wastage, we use recycled paper and have installed a waste-water treatment plant as well as a rainwater harvesting system.

We have also phased out acidic materials from our production process, replacing them with water- based pigments. Finally, we ensure that we only partner with organisations like Hands on Development, who engage in sustainable tourism practices.