How we can all make a difference


What inspires me above all are people who stand up for what they believe in despite unpopular opinion. Everyone is a leader in life; we all have people around us who can lead. The world needs ethical and courageous leadership to tackle problems. Take my example: eleven years ago, I was a girl with an idea.

We all have potential

Leaders are all around us, they are people like you and me who plant ideas in people’s heads that can influence behaviour, who speak up for what they believe in, who take action in areas we feel matter to us and others.

Often it is hard to advocate or speak on a topic that you don’t understand. Make it your business to learn and experience the world, which in turn will create empathy and compassion. With an unprecedented proliferation of technology and information, we all have the tools. We must use them to share information that educates ourselves and others about issues that matter.

The power of us

Everyone can make a difference by using their voice, whether they are consumers, business owners or employees. 

As a consumer I am powerful and can support companies that support gender equality, ethical trade, diversity and everything good for the world. So I need to take an interest in the origin of anything I buy. As a business owner, it is my duty to make sure that no-one along the supply chain is being exploited as a result of my company making profits.

As a business leader, I can also choose to conduct my procurement from women-led companies, create gender balance in my workplace, make sure there are equal ratios in senior leadership and give equal pay. As an employee, if I observe something that isn’t right, my task is to speak up.

Change can start at any level, it doesn’t have to be led by people at the top who may be driven strongly by profit. The more voices there are the better, as that’s what can create a normative groundswell and shift in thinking.