Reinvigorating the global partnership for Sustainable Development

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The goal

The key objective of Sustainable Development Goal 17 is to mobilise wealthy industrialised nations - and organisations from these countries - to assist developing countries in achieving sustainable development. Foreign aid, education, investment, finance flows, debt relief and technology transfers are some of the envisaged means of enhancing development.

Ranking 144th in the Human Development Index, Nepal is in particular need of development assistance. Nepal’s renewable energy resources, low cost of doing business and young population means that the country has great potential.

Our work

2018 Deakin University group checking out the Seven Women Centre in Kathmandu

2018 Deakin University group checking out the Seven Women Centre in Kathmandu

As an Australian organisation, Seven Women is at the forefront of efforts to spur sustainable economic development within Nepal. At our centre in Kathmandu, local marginalised women have the opportunity to make a variety of handicrafts which are sold all around the world.

In return, they are paid a fair trade wage and profits from this venture are invested in providing the women with further educational and vocational opportunities. So far, 5,500 Nepali women have benefitted from these opportunities.

Seven Women’s plans to open a boutique hotel in Kathmandu - no later than early 2019 - will provide the women with a golden opportunity to gain experience and employment in the rapidly growing hospitality industry.